Sri Sellapillaiyar Temple


We offer daily poojas. Poojas with abhiṣeka take place every Friday and on religious holidays, as well as on demand. Archanas can be made during our opening hours.

Check our calendar for special poojas and events

Devotees can book poojas at the temple for small donations. Please approach the temple management to check for further information and for bookings.

Check out the list of poojas and archanas we offer.

Special Poojas

We also offer special poojas, homam, etc. as well as prayers and poojas for different kinds of special occasions and celebrations both in our temple and  at place of your request. 

HomamGanapathi Homam, Navagraha Homam, Ayush Homam, Satyanarayana Homam, etc.
Special occasions and celebrationsWedding, Namakaranam, Birthday, Sashtiya Poorthi, Upakaranam, Grahapravesham, etc.

Please refer to the temple management for further information